Rice is such a central part of many cultures that some countries even credit its cultivation with the development of their civilization. Rice is the staple food for over half of the world’s population and is the world’s most consumed cereal after wheat.

It provides more than 50 percent of the daily calories ingested by more than half of the world population. Not only has rice been of great importance in the past, but its value and use remains considerable even today. Rice is the most rapidly growing source of food in Africa, and is of significant importance to food security in an increasing number of low-income food-deficit countries.

Each Year, close to 700 million tonnes of paddy (450 million tonnes of milled rice) is produced, with over 90% of the production being concentrated in Asia, given the favorable climatic condition and the relatively lower costs of production. International trade in rice is only around 30 million tonnes with Africa and Asia making up for over 85% of the internationally traded rice volume. Now that’s a lot of rice moving around the globe!


Our Role In The Global Rice Business

Our shipping department manages about five handysize vessels for rice at any given point in time enabling us guarantee timely and cost effective delivery of rice to our customers. We support several of our destination markets with extensive warehousing and distribution networks, allowing us to market the rice through our own distribution channels. Our superior support and positioning has made it possible for multiple brands partnered with Cam Barter Trade International Co. Ltd, attain a household name status in many markets today.

Cam Barter Trade International Co. Ltd’s strategy of setting up distribution networks in the destination markets, coupled with selective backward integration into logistics and origination provides us with a strong foundation to profitably grow our business.

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